April 8th 100WC

I was going to the Northern Lights with my family to go see what it looked like in person after seeing all these amazing pictures. I was trying not to look up until we get there and when we were there, my parents told me to open my eyes and look up. -When I looked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes!- All these colors looked so amazing to me, I did not regret coming here even though it took a while. We took pictures and then we left.

But it is the wrong color!

A spoiled teen gets a fancy car for his birthday, his parents reveal what it is and he gets a disappointed look and says “This is the wrong color!” And his parents were confused, as it was still the car he wanted. “I wanted it to be red!” he shouted. The new car was blue, “Why didn’t you tell us you wanted a red car! You said you wanted the car but not a specific color!” Now they were both arguing until the spoiled teen just takes the blue car anyway.

The Vinegar Chips…..

On just a normal day, I decided to go to my friends house, we were playing games and watching TV. Then he offered me vinegar chips, I’ve tried them before and they aren’t bad. I took a bite of the chip once, and after the crunch I froze. The vinegar WAS SO STRONG, that’s all I tasted, Vinegar Vinegar Vinegar. I ran as fast as I can to go get some water and drank it in like 2 seconds. Turns out he really loves those chips, he buys them from somewhere which I don’t know about that make them SUPER sharp. I never take Vinegar chip offers ever after that.

Jan 28 WC

So there was once an artist who once found many lumps in the middle of nowhere, he decided to take the shovel out of his bag and dug and dug, then he found a chinese sculpture. He called many people to come look at the area and dig with him, then they all found more and more and more! Then once they were all dug up, they were all fragile and close to breaking, so they decided to remake them. They made their own sculpture replicas and painted them different colours and then put them in this area for people to look at.

New Years 100 WC.

There was once a boy named John. John was so excited for tomorrow because, well it was New Years! They could have a super fun time! Watching the ball drop, eating some food, and more! Johns Birthday was also coming up in about 10 days, He has Christmas, New Years and then his Birthday? Lucky Him. So he went to sleep, then he woke up to hear his sister waking up their parents. They all came downstairs and planned what to do for new years, John went to look outside at the morning light, it was so bright that you could say “the light blinded him”.

Winter Writing

Being a Christmas tree is, well a little bit boring I guess. People just dress be up with all these lights and ornaments woo hoo so fun…. It’s really boring just staring at these lights and this room all day, oh wait, I don’t have eyes. After Christmas they’re just gonna throw me out and replace me next year, really a fun life. That star on top of me is really hurting, it’s poking me every second it’s there. Being a Christmas Tree is honestly one of the most boring things, here’s the steps of my life. 1. Get chopped down or bought. 2. Get brought to a house. 3. Getting decorated with ornaments and lights (woo hoo worst thing ever). 4. Having presents under me on Christmas. 5. Being thrown away and replaced next Christmas. Whatever you imagine about being A Christmas Tree, it’s probably worse than that.

Last 100WC of 2018

It’s December 24th, 1 day until christmas! (even though the eye looks like a girls i’ll make it a male character) Jack has always been excited about christmas, I mean, weren’t we all? Free presents? Most kids wanna be as spoiled as spoiled milk on christmas, hopefully they don’t give santa spoiled milk… Ok back to the story, Jacks definition of Christmas is, a tree entirely decorated… a lot of presents of course, and to not waste cookies and milk for santa, I mean, what if you need those items? If Jack doesn’t get want he wants he hates christmas but gets excited about it again next year. Even though I just made him up I feel like this kid is the same as me but a different name…..

what do i name this??? exhaustion???

There was a boy that was walking around after not being able to get sleep, it was about 12:00 which was pretty late. He was walking in the street for a while and then somebody came and stole his wallet, the boy tried to go and get it back because it had most of his belongings, the boy wasn’t that much of a rich person. He really needed to get his wallet back from the thief and there was no time to think, he had to try, but he was to exhausted…

Nov 19 100WC

There was once a boy riding his bike around the forest, his mother came to tell him come back inside, as it is getting dark out. The boy which was trying to behave well, was coming back inside. But he accidently let go of his bike and it rolled down the hill. The hill would take a long time to climb down, the boy tried to but kept getting hurt.

      Once he finally made it down he realized he doesn’t even know where it went, he kept looking and looking for hours every day after school, until one day, his mother told him to give up. The boys mother was very poor and they could not buy another bike, what would he do to use his time?  

        A few years later he decided to go look again, he has a job and bought a new bike a few years ago. But he wants to get it for memories, he went down and saw a wheel sticking out of a tree, he ran as fast as he could to it and finally found it. It has grown inside a tree after all of this time. He took a picture of it and got famous from it. He was finally gaining money from this picture.

The Time My Dog Bit Me

        I was 3 years old, I was eating pizza, my dog  Bear was eating his food, he was eating it fast like he almost starved to death. I was slapping my cheek with the pizza when trying to eat it, my 3 year old brain was not that advanced okay? I reached down to give him something like the crust while he was eating, bad idea, he jumped at my chair and bit my lip, my lip was hanging to the side dangling like king kong on the Empire State Building. My Mom was screaming like she just saw someone die.

      They drove me to the hospital while my mom was almost about to have a heart attack, once we got there I don’t remember what they did to me, but whatever they did they did a good job, (I have a mark on my lip to prove it).

       Once we drove home my mom was treating me like I was a king, The dog was locked in the basement for a hour which is really lucky for him, when he came back up I was petting him so much, like he was a king!

         I was feeling numb near my lips and it was annoying me a lot. I was crying to my parents to fix it but they couldn’t do anything. My parents were trying to ignore my lip, it was not good, trust me, it was not pretty.

       But after all these years when i’m currently 10 right now it has been better, the only thing is a mark on my lip, my parents tried to ignore the dog because what he did, but they were keeping their eyes on me the whole day.